Friday, January 20, 2006

Jack London News goes to print

After two years in an on-line only format The Jack London News* launched its debut printed edition today. JLDA would like to congratulate Joanna Adler, the Jack London News editor, for putting together what may be the first newspaper ever for the Jack London District. If you know different let us know, but otherwise we'll put this one in the history books.

Several hundred copies were distributed around the neighborhood today to our local coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores and a few residential buildings. If you would like to help distribute copies within your building, or get copies delivered to your business or store please contact the Jack London News at Those who want to spare a tree or print their own copies can download an PDF version from the Jack London News website.

*Please note that while The Jack London News may from time to time publish news about JLDA events and activities it is an independent publication. JLDA announcements can be received directly form us by subscribing to our announcements mailing list.